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JDG completes 11th search for NOAA Fisheries

JDG and NOAA Fisheries are pleased to announce the selection of Ms. Alexa Cole as the new Director for International Affairs and Seafood Inspection. She will lead NOAA Fisheries’ work to maintain sustainable global resources and a level playing field for U.S. fishermen and seafood producers. She will promote international engagement and cooperation to achieve effective, responsible marine stewardship and ensure sustainable fisheries management on a global scale. She will also oversee the office’s seafood inspection services, which support seafood safety.

Ms. Cole has held various positions within NOAA for more than 15 years, winning multiple awards over the years for her leadership and exceptional performance. Prior to this role, Ms. Cole held leadership positions as Acting Chief and Deputy Chief in the Enforcement Section in the NOAA Office of General Counsel as well as Senior Enforcement Attorney in the agency’s Pacific Islands Region.

Ms. Cole received her Master’s in International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University, Juris Doctor from Vermont Law School, and a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies from McGill University. 

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