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Hiring the next generation executives who will drive your mission is critical to better government.

JDG is uniquely positioned to meet the complex challenges inherent in recruiting leadership for federal, state, and municipal government entities across a broad spectrum of functional areas.  Since 2002, we have conducted 200+ Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), Senior Technical (ST), and GS-15 searches for 45 federal agencies as well as searches for county and local governments.  JDG has built an impressive track record of identifying a diverse number of strategic leaders for our public sector clients. 

JDG’s public sector team, which brings more than 100 years of total experience to each search, is actively involved throughout the search process.  Our team is well-versed in the rules, regulations, policies and procedures that must be followed when conducting federal government searches.  We also have extensive experience navigating candidates through the federal government USAJOBS application process, and are well-aware of issues that can arise which might delay the vetting, interview and selection processes.  Thus, we can be trusted to keep candidates up-to-date and retain their interest, even if the process extends beyond the candidates’ initial expectations.  JDG is experienced in pro-actively presenting federal opportunities in a compelling manner that drives candidates’ interest, resulting in applications from vetted candidates vested in the opportunity.

We have built a track record of success in attracting highly-qualified candidates for key leadership roles within the public sector because of our ability to promote the mission, present challenging opportunities, and highlight benefits (tangible and intangible) within the organization.  We believe our clients will attest to this, which is one of the primary reasons they continue to partner with us.

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Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), and Senior Technical (ST) Search

It has been well-documented that 3 out of every 5 SES leaders and nearly 50% of top managers will be eligible to retire in the federal government within the next few years. In order to take preventative measures to reduce “brain drain” within your agency, JDG Associates welcomes a partnership with you similar to the existing relationships we have established with more than 30 federal agencies.  In fact, several agencies have established 5 year Blanket Purchase Agreements with us.  This enables us the unique ability to respond quickly to Task Orders so that your senior leadership searches can be completed in an expedited timeframe. Establishing a relationship with JDG now will enable you to address your anticipated, and more importantly, unanticipated leadership needs, even if your short-term plans do not call for a senior executive search.  Your ability to immediately access JDG’s services will position you to respond to news regarding departures quickly and successfully, minimizing any gaps in backfilling crucial vacancies.

We thoroughly understand the challenges agencies face attracting talent, and have a proven track record of delivering a diverse and deep candidate pool.  By augmenting the USAJOBS process, JDG ensures that in an expedited timeframe of 4 to 6 weeks, candidates are carefully coached through the application process, which often requires guidance on how to craft well-written Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and Technical Qualifications (TQs).

Keeping up with ever-changing developments in public policy and cyclical shifts in power, we work to minimize the disruptions of leadership transitions, ensuring that candidates come on board ready to meet the needs of our client’s constituents and protect the interests of our client’s organization.  Getting ahead of this growing curve calls for significant, on-going, strategic workforce planning.  The successful continuity of your agency’s daily operations relies on the pro-active replacement of critical leadership.  JDG is uniquely positioned to find and deliver these key individuals.

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