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Senior Professional Level

JDG specializes in recruiting senior professional talent who will bring creativity and the innovation necessary to lead and grow your organization for years to come.  JDG understands that placing a candidate into a leadership role within your organization is critical — one that can seriously impact your short-, medium- and long-term goals and success.  We use the same tailored approach to identify these critical leaders with the same level of commitment as our executive-level searches.  Specifically, our approach will be:

Highly Personal:  It is imperative to understand your vision, culture, structure, and leadership needs throughout the search process.

Highly Disciplined:  Our approach, refined for more than 40 years, results in delivering the most highly-qualified candidates in an expedited time frame.

Expansive:  Our comprehensive resources include: a broad network of deep personal and professional relationships with senior leaders across a wide array of industries and disciplines in the private and public sectors, powerful research-driven search tools, and a voluminous proprietary database. 

Forward-Thinking:  As a boutique firm, JDG is able to be creative, nimble, innovative and agile in our approach to identifying outstanding leaders while ensuring all avenues are exhausted and no stone is left unturned.

Dedicated:  Our mission is not complete until we exceed your expectations.

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