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For an association, it is all about membership – providing unique, compelling, practical products and services.  Association leaders need to constantly listen and engage their members on what is current, relevant, and most important to them.  To grow, associations must continue to add value, broaden their market presence through innovative programs and technology, and maintain and develop key strategic relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Of the staff functions in an association, perhaps none has grown more in organizational need and impact than that of membership.  In past years, the function has often been one of record keeping and member tracking.  For some organizations, it has grown into a key staff resource to help shape an organization’s products, meetings and educational programs.  For today’s more advanced associations, it has become the staff professional most responsible for what is on the member’s mind, the key player in driving membership recruitment and retention, the trend spotter on the cutting edge of member needs.

Whatever your association’s senior staff needs, JDG consultants bring more than 60 years’ experience working for and consulting with the nation’s top trade and professional organizations to ensure the best talent available is presented and hired.


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