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Information Technology

Recruiting individual contributors and mid-management staff through C-level thought leaders has been JDG’s primary area of expertise since our founding in 1973.  For decades we have helped software start-ups through Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, associations and professional services clients build their leadership teams.  With the tech industry evolving at lightning speed, companies need to be on the cutting edge.  From the constant evolution of social media to robust cloud computing and universal mobile applications, few industries change what they do and how they do it as quickly.  As organizations look to increase their service offerings across the enterprise, visionary leaders are paramount in order to be successful and keep up with the rapid pace.  In IT, time is of the essence, and JDG understands how quickly competitive boundaries can shift. 

We recognize the pressing demand for superior caliber executives, and we constantly strive to meet this demand.  With our broad resources and extensive network of personal relationships developed over years of technology search, we are supremely confident we can deliver the best talent.  Whether attracting top Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, or other senior IT leaders, JDG has years of experience and is primed to deliver top technology talent for your organization.

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