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It is no secret that the energy sector is facing countless new challenges.  The major issues revolve around the unenviable task of balancing security of supply and rising costs, while mitigating the environmental impact.  Determining how to ensure that energy resources are secure, sustainable and affordable is critical.  With the world’s population continuing to grow at a rapid pace, tackling these challenges require innovation and new ideas in order to create new methodologies for creating and sustaining alternative energy sources.  JDG has the industry expertise and connections to identify, vet and select future energy leaders for our clients at a time when talented executives are at a premium.  We have recruited leaders who:

  • Developed and executed a strategic framework to protect the national security of the United States against severe energy supply disruptions.
  • Led national efforts to modernize the electric grid, increase grid capacity and reliability, improve energy infrastructure, and deter, mitigate, and respond to potential attacks against our energy infrastructure.
  • Created and managed programs focused on technology and services that improve the capacity, efficiency and reliability of the U.S. electrical system. 
  • Implemented a broad spectrum of energy and environmental Research and Development programs that return benefits for generations to come thus enabling domestic coal, natural gas, and oil to economically power our Nation’s homes, industries, businesses, and transportation modes while protecting our environment and enhancing our energy independence.

Let our talented team of executive recruiters assist you in locating leaders that will help your organization navigate challenges, eliminate obstacles and advance innovation in the energy sector.

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