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In today’s legal market, attorneys must have more than a smart legal mind.  To succeed, they must apply forward-thinking leadership that promotes a vision committed to organizational excellence.  Lawyers must be able to lead, problem-solve and implement strategies that anticipate customer needs while maintaining a collaborative approach in order to truly serve the client or the mission of their organization.  Whether it is general counsel, in-house corporate counsel, compliance, government relations, policy and regulatory work or other senior legal positions, JDG understands the complexity, challenges and nuances of these positions within the public and private sectors and across many industries.

We know that the right candidate must possess not only superior legal talent, but also exceptional business acumen and strong interpersonal skills to drive change, minimize risk and maximize value.  Before starting any search, we have in-depth discussions to learn about the corporate culture, strategic goals and challenges, and leadership needs of our client.  When evaluating candidates, we search beyond the resume to parse an individual’s complete background.  We maintain precise standards to ensure our client receives a select pool of highly-qualified, expertly-trained legal professionals that successfully meet their needs.  In turn, we build strong, meaningful relationships with our clients based upon our unparalleled commitment to service and quality.

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