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Today, government and industry face a myriad of complex problems.  Solving them requires the right people and tools utilizing advanced analytics to “connect the dots” in ever-expanding data.  Innovations in technology, computational mathematics, and advanced analytics enable organizations to improve how they understand and manage their data thus increasing the likelihood of mission success.  Progressive organizations adapt in order to make better decisions from their data through:

  • Leveraging cutting-edge research, technologies, and computational mathematics
  • Applying expertise, processes, and tools tailored to client needs
  • Creating foresight and enabling predictions that improve fact-based decision-making

Global investment in information, communications and cybersecurity technologies has radically expanded the amount of data across all government and industry sectors. From health care to financial services to national security, many such datasets are vastly more complicated, specialized, and interconnected than standard IT deployments, requiring highly-skilled experts to manage data preparation and analysis, data modeling, interpretation, integration and security. This allows organizations to anticipate change, resulting in less budget waste, improved performance and increased profitability.

JDG has garnered a strong reputation for identifying and recruiting these key quantitative subject matter experts, to include senior-level Statisticians, Econometricians, Data Scientists, Mathematicians, and Operations Research/Modeling professionals.

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