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The transportation industry continues to face new emerging challenges that will dramatically reshape transportation priorities.  These challenges include the impacts of major global trends, such as global warming, emerging technologies, and changes in the cost of fuels. 

JDG has been serving the transportation industry for many years.  Clients have included professional societies and the federal government.  We have targeted visionary leaders who were responsible for fostering innovation in transportation; performed strategic planning for federal transportation research and development; and managed DOT-wide transportation advanced technology, research, education and technology transfer programs.  We have uncovered leaders who have led policy functions and cross-modal councils dealing with federal transportation science and technology.  This includes developing technology policy and strategy, conducting and expanding outreach, facilitating public-private partnerships, fostering long-term research, and furthering workforce development through university transportation research and education programs.  We have recruited transportation executives who have developed financially efficient policies to improve transportation infrastructure.  We have found leaders who have been responsible for managing a team of transportation statistics experts whose mission was to measure the performance of our nation’s transportation system.

JDG’s approach draws heavily on our client partnerships, which allow us to dig deep and find the most highly-qualified transportation leaders.

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