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Our Story

Celebrating 50 Years of Executive Search Excellence

Our Beginning

Founded in 1973 by Joseph DeGioia, JDG has become one of the Washington, DC region’s most respected boutique executive search firms. Our research-intensive process and personal approach have resulted in more than 4,500 successful senior-level searches across a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines in the Washington, D.C. region and nationally. JDG has established an unrivaled reputation for aligning candidates and clients through our consultative, collaborative approach. While we have diversified our practice areas throughout the years, we have never lost sight of the fact that we are accountable for each search engagement. Our experience is deep, our reach is extensive, and our track record is extraordinary.

Based in Rockville, MD, our local and national clients include research and consulting organizations; Fortune 1000 corporations; federal, state and local government agencies as well as small, mid and large associations and professional societies. Our roots were steeped in conducting technology searches for private sector clients ranging from small software product startups to international professional services firms.

Early 1990’s – Association Practice Created

In the early 1990’s, we used our expertise to begin serving the executive recruitment needs of national trade and professional associations. To date, JDG has conducted nearly 300 association searches, well over half of which have been at the CEO level. These searches have been conducted in nearly 40 cities across the country, from local and state-level clients with budgets under $1 million to national associations with budgets up to $75 million.

2002 – JDG Awarded GSA Schedule

In 2002, we recognized hiring challenges in the federal government and knew that providing senior thought leaders would make for a more effective government. Since seizing the opportunity and being awarded our GSA Schedule, JDG has completed more than 225 senior executive searches for 45 federal agencies.


Today, our entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive. Competing for the best talent is time consuming and can have a significant impact on your organization through lost revenue, productivity, and morale. This is why clients turn to us. We are performance-driven and like it that way. By combining insight, intuition, creativity, and persistence we identify and deliver the most effective and proven leaders – strategic thinkers and motivated change agents who will ensure that your organization achieves its immediate and long-term goals. JDG is a designated Small Business whose passion, commitment to customer service, and client-centric focus has fueled our success for 50 years.

The Future

While economic conditions will continue to shift and the war for top talent will continue for years, JDG will never waiver in its promise to establish long-term, mutually rewarding partnerships. Although much has changed in the executive search industry since we opened our doors in 1973, one thing remains constant: our mission to deliver the best candidates to our clients.

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