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Health Care

As the health care industry faces unprecedented change, from health care and insurance reform to significant technological advancements, JDG understands that these forces will shape the next generation of health care executives.  Successful leaders will need to understand the complexity and effects of government regulations while also having the ability to spot trends and evolve quickly in a constantly shifting environment.  At the intersection of this change, JDG’s team of executive search consultants is helping its clients locate the visionaries who will revolutionize the health care industry. 

For more than 30 years, JDG has been filling critical positions across a wide variety of functional areas and disciplines in the health care sector.  These searches have included principals of federally-funded research and development centers to Chief Executives of leading health care associations.  Our deep leveraged relationships with high-performing health care leaders, gives JDG a major advantage in being able to identify current and future trailblazers.  Clients we serve include federal agencies, associations, professional societies and prestigious social science research firms whose mission is transforming health care.

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