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Executive Search – The Value Proposition

Frequently, nonprofit organizations, charities in particular, focus too closely on the expense of engaging an executive search firm rather than on the potential return. In fact, the actual costs of staff distraction and time incurred while attempting to fill a vacancy through a self-directed search can be significant, both in terms of staff resources and lost fundraising productivity.

Specific advantages to using a search consultant include:

  • Resources — an executive recruiter has specialized knowledge of the field, the potential candidate pool, access to sophisticated proprietary and commercial databases, and staff dedicated to screening and recruiting potential candidates- that is the primary focus of our work.
  • Time — the length of a search will be considerably shortened by the use of a search consultant, and the time commitment required of a client’s staff and volunteer leaders will be substantially reduced.
  • Qualifying candidates — an executive recruiter can target appropriate potential candidates and determine whether the candidate is qualified for the position and whether the position is a good fit for the candidate.
  • Within a given profession, there may be many sub-disciplines which a search consultant will analyze to help the client determine which skills and attributes are required for the position in order to fully meet the needs of the organization.

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