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NOAA retains JDG to recruit Senior Scientist for Geostationary Earth Orbit Observations

This position is located in the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite System (GOES) Program Office which conducts requirement studies; systems planning; engineering; the acquisition, integration, installation, and acceptance of GOES systems.  The Senior Scientist is recognized nationally and internationally as an authority and leader in satellite remote sensing for various earth orbit observations systems.  Opinions and technical positions of this individual contribute greatly toward the development of policies and programs within NOAA and other agencies.  The Senior Scientist serves as a spokesperson for GOES-R series and Geostationary Earth Orbit Observations (GEO).  As an internationally recognized expert in satellite remote sensing and related sciences, s/he chairs and/or serves on committees and teams which influence the direction of future satellite remote sensing capabilities and scientific research.  S/he identifies national and agency needs for the use of satellite data to study atmospheric and oceanic problems.  The research involves development of the scientific justification for improved satellite instrumentation, development and improvement of satellite remote sensing applications.  The Senior Scientist’s research requires a broad vision of the scientific issues, and also requires insight in discerning the contributions that will be of highest value to NOAA’s mission and Strategic Plan goals.  The position plays a major role in formulating and leading NESDIS to expand responsibilities in national and international scientific assessment activities that support major elements of NOAA’s satellite programs and contribute in understanding weather and other environmental processes around the world.

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