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GAO retains JDG to identify Chief Data Scientist

This position at the Government Accountability Office is located in the Audit Innovation Lab within the Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics (STAA) team.  Consistent with the Senate Report and the testimony of the Comptroller General, GAO is creating a new stand-alone office devoted to supporting the Congress in, among other things, developing advanced analytical techniques and innovating with emerging technologies in support of current and future audits and evaluations.  The Chief Data Scientist (CDS), reporting to GAO’s Chief Scientist and Managing Director of STAA, is a business strategist who knows the flow of data and information, understands its context, and is aware of how it links across the enterprise with regard to innovating and deriving value within and for the GAO’s set of missions.  The CDS heads GAO’s Audit Innovation Lab, of which the principle part is advanced analytics, decision-making affecting analytics, and oversight of advanced analytics capabilities and infrastructure employed by GAO to achieve its mission and goals.  For more information, please visit https://www.gao.gov/technology_and_scienceFor a complete Position Announcement, see our Active Searches page.

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